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Welcome to the New Web Presence for Your Forester

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Aug 01 2018
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Welcome to the new web presence for Your Forester.  If you received this as a forwarded article, the website address is http://www.your-forester.com/


Forest management is a far-ranging subject, it cannot be described in a single paragraph, or even two.  Covering this subject will take time.  Therefore, today I will give you a brief outline of the information you will receive.  If you have questions and topics you want covered, just send me an email with your ideas.


Many people think that forest management is nothing more than cutting trees.  Of course, the timber harvest is critical and determines your course for the next 50 to 100 years.  However, just like a doctor runs many tests before going to surgery, and a builder carefully tests the soil before breaking ground, your forester needs to gather information before prescribing your harvest.  Careful planning is essential.  We will be covering the information you need for an effective plan.


If your goal is centered on wildlife, your management plan will be directed to developing a variety of different stand conditions.  Of course, some forest areas are just too pretty to disturb.  Others are such a mess, that any disturbance will be an improvement.  What is the appearance of your forest?


For the owner who is looking to maximizing profit, it is important to start with right forest.  Some sites will never produce income for an adequate return on investment.  On the other hand, the economics of the best forest can be destroyed by careless investments.  Let’s see how we can make your investments more effective.


Many individuals are using your forest and you are just one of them.  Deer and turkey can be found in most of our forests as well as foxes, coyotes, bears, and large cats.  These animals will only be seen occasionally.  Song birds, raccoons, and other small animals occupy the forest and are even harder to spot.  All these creatures have four things in common.  We will cover those later. 


So keep your eyes open.  Only vigilance will show you the best way.

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