Colin Bagwell, Your Forester

Colin Bagwell has been practicing forestry since 1966. He is a licensed and certified forester who can be your business consultant specializing in the field of timber.

He will show you how to develop a more efficient, rewarding forest enterprise and show how forestry can be a profitable business if sound management principals are used.

Most owners of woodland in the South have less than 300 acres of timberland and earn their living from farming, profession, or another job. Few have enough forestry experience to manage their timberland successfully and with so few acres, hiring a fulltime forester may not be economically feasible.

There is professional help within reach of all forest landowners. As a forestry consultant, I can serve you on an “as-needed” basis. When you harvest timber, I can help get the best price for the timber.

Timber sales are an important part of the forest management program, but not the only part. Southern forests are growing about half as fast as they could under proper management. Weeding, thinning, cull removal, and tree planting are a few of the practices which improve the growth of woodlands. I offer experienced guidance in planning this work or can supervise the work as it's done.

There are many more ways timber growth can be improved, but space does not permit a complete discussion here. The best way to find out what your woodlands need is to make an on-the-ground inspection, discull all the options with you, then analyze the land carefully. Please feel free to call me with any questions 256-527-4050.

Colin Bagwell, Your Forester

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