Real Estate

Buying or selling piece of nature should be handled by experienced experts.

Hunters, investors, farmers, and people just wanting to get away from it all know how important it is to have the right piece of land to accomplish their goals.

Colin Bagwell Forestry in association with Berry Land Company is able to assist you in finding the place best suited for your needs. If you've found a prime piece of forest or if you are interested in selling your current land, we will be happy to speak with you. Contact a member of our team for assistance.

Providing sustainable forest management assistance since 1966

For over 49 years, the professionals at Colin Bagwell Forestry have been providing quality real estate services for clients in the southeastern US.

If you're within 100 miles of Huntsville and are interested in managing, buying or selling a piece of land, we will please contact us at your earliest convenience. You will find that our customer service and professionalism go above and beyond all expectations.

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Real Estate

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